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Topic subjectRE: Teachers on OKP?
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16826, RE: Teachers on OKP?
Posted by queen333, Sat Mar-17-01 01:14 AM
Yeah. I'm in about my 3rd year of university. I live in Canada, but i'm hoping to teach anywhere, especially where i'm most needed. My minor is intercultural/international education. It's supposed to be good if i want a job in a school setting that is culturally diverse. Either in the inner cities, overseas etc. It's kinda funny that this is a topic of discussion, cause, i just went on this website for the first time on Common's b-day, and i actually have been reconsidering if teaching is truly what i should be doing. There are many idealistic reasons as to why i want to teach, but lately i've been hearing things from teachers, retired teachers, x teachers and it hasn't been all that positive. They usually complain about being under paid, under appreciated, under funded, classes that are too large, that it is very hard work--the list goes on, basically all things that have to do with the fucked up system and society at large. And that's up here where things are supposed to be better. I would like to try to change the system, but how??I'm also thinking that nowadays teaching is a dangerous profession, i mean just look at what is going down in schools worldwide? Students and teachers are getting shot. I also have moral conflicts going on, like can a teacher smoke weed? Party?etc..I mean i don't want to be a hypocrite. Teachers are in a position of public trust, so i understand why we aren't supposed to that shit. I do however think that teachers are human and should have the freedom to do as they please with their personal lives.
I'm still going to persue it, i've come this far. One of my idealistic goals is to educate children about freedom, unity and respect for all peoples--basically abolish racism...it's a pretty tall order!