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Topic subject The bureacracy
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16819, The bureacracy
Posted by loi, Fri Mar-16-01 02:56 AM
I am a teacher and I have about three and a half months left in this career. I like the kids, but it's the bureacracy that I can't stand. There really isn't much room for activism in teaching. You can conversate with your students and make them more aware, but that doesn't make a systematic change. Atleast not on a large scale. Most people don't understand the hierarchy of education. They think it starts with the principal, or the superintendent. That's not true at all. It starts with the testing companies that make the tests. These tests drive the education industry. Everyone across the country is trying to rise to the standards that the testing companies make. These tests are economically biased, and culturally biased. It's not even just a small margin, it's the majority of the standardized testing questions in all language arts areas, and any areas that intercorrelate, like math word problems. These tests dictate your classroom placement, your opportunities for higher education, and they place a stigma on your so called "innate ability." Teachers are simply test distributors, and curriculum interpreters. Teachers are forced to follow horrible curriculums, and there evaluations depend on how well they basicly follow orders. IF you want to be an activist, then write holistic curriculum, or impact the testing industry. Students do need excellent educators in the classroom, but a strong curriculum also helps.
I am leaving because, personally, it's not where I want to be in my life right now. It's not the type of job that you should stay in if your heart isn't in it.


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