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Posted by ladyteach, Fri Mar-16-01 05:40 PM
I have 5 years under my belt as an elementary level teacher with the Phila school district and it has been a love/hate relationship the whole time!

I Love:
1) The students- They are often unprepared, unmotivated, un-everything, but the challenge is finding the right buttons to push to make them come alive.

2) The hours- (LOL) That's really a joke. School's out a 2:45, but few teachers really leave at that time, because there are just too many things to do.

3)My colleagues- Teachers in general get a bad rap. Everyone from politicians, parents, the students, and our administrators criticize us, disrespect us, and overburden us with new responsibilities, while paying us minimal salaries. But teachers- at least the ones I work with- are dedicated and commited.

Bullshit administrators, uninvolved parents, uninformed critics, and the unrealistic politicians who create roadblocks to success for our kids.

Sorry, back to the topic. There is plenty of opportunity for activism in the schools. If you are resourceful, energetic, and unafraid to be outspoken, you can teach children to be aware of all types of issues and take action, or at least discuss and debate them, just be prepared to face opposition, apathy, and possibly hostility from others.