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Topic subjectwhere do you get cynicism from?
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16814, where do you get cynicism from?
Posted by reefdogg, Fri Mar-16-01 12:12 AM
>I mean, if you want
>to teach, if you want
>to give back, do it
>now while your fresh and
>not tied down to whatever
>grind you choose for yourself
>later (and not any more
>cynical than you already are).

i don't understand where you get this from. please explain

i understand your point though, but fact is i'm not set to be a teacher now .. it's not like i really want to teach now and i'm putting it off till later ... fact is, i really want to pursue an electrical engineering career now, specifically in processor hardware logic design

>Besides, I guarantee a fresh grad
>will reach kids more often
>than a stodgy old man/woman...even
>with the same words, the
>kids will hear you better
>if you're younger.

never know how experience can effect your methods and the way people respect you

i want to be able to speak from experience of going through life if i do decide to teach later

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