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16813, problem is...
Posted by standard deviant, Thu Mar-15-01 08:04 PM
MANY people start off this way...the problem is most of them never make it (and guess who suffers?). Same shit happens to people who say they'll do peace corp or charity work or whatever when they get older and more established.

Maybe you just don't feel that teaching thing in 30 years...or maybe that nest egg just isn't big enough in 30 years...or maybe you're not alive anymore in 30 years. I mean, if you want to teach, if you want to give back, do it now while your fresh and not tied down to whatever grind you choose for yourself later (and not any more cynical than you already are). Right after you graduate, your only financial ties are to your loans. 30 years from now, you will most likely have too many financial ties to really do what you wanted to originally.

Besides, I guarantee a fresh grad will reach kids more often than a stodgy old man/woman...even with the same words, the kids will hear you better if you're younger.