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Topic subjectRE: Teachers on OKP?
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16810, RE: Teachers on OKP?
Posted by noseitall, Fri Mar-16-01 01:21 AM
i think it's better to be young and do various things whether good or bad. in the long run if you tell the kids not to do drugs and are sincere then they'll have a greater appreciation just because you've seen that side. shit, it's hard to listen to people tell you things that haven't experienced them. but if you do the weed thing (so do i) and the X thing and grow out of it by the time you start teaching then don't feel guilty. you're human. . allowed to make mistakes and experience things on your own. don't feel guilty bout that.

now i would worry about you if you were a goody 2 shoes bookworm type person who always did right and saved your virginity for marriage (not that that's wrong) and only came into contact with smoke on the 2nd hand and never got drunk and never partied and stuff like that.

my point. . don't feel guilty or like a hypocrite.


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