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Topic subjectRE: Teachers on OKP?
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16809, RE: Teachers on OKP?
Posted by guest, Thu Mar-15-01 09:05 PM
:7 Super cool! I want to be an elementary teacher too! I think we need to start giving our kids quality education early on.
I don't know if other aspiring teachers have this moral concern that I have:
In the past couple of years I've experimented with a few DRUGS, namely marijuana and XTC (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine). I smoke weed occasionally and have tried XTC on a couple of occasions. But, my conscious bears heavy weight on me when I think about teaching. I feel that having tried these drugs, I am a bit immoral and therefore, unqualified to teach. I mean, wouldn't I be a hypocrit to endorse "Say no to DRUGS!" to my future students?
I've been told that I shouldn't fret too much because I've experienced the drugs and thus, am wiser to point out the ills that drugs cause. I know morals are of personal value and judgement, but I would like some comments.