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16807, Middle School Math Teacher
Posted by dirtydee, Tue Mar-06-01 10:10 AM
I've been teaching middle school math for 4 years, but activism is hard to come by nowadays during the school year. In middle school (especially an inner-city middle school)most kids are being bombarded with a lot of things, so I kinda try to steer them with the self motivation/selfesteem thing they need the most.

What I DO do for activism is during the summer. I work youth programs all summer that help kids get out and do things for the community. This seems to help more becayse they are learning a little more in their idle summer time. Plus it weeds out some who won't do their part. This is more enjoyable because you can see more results.

All my OkayTeachers... Keep doin' ya' part! We need to contribute as much as we can to the benifit of our youth. We are slowly losin' them somewhere!

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