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16806, def.
Posted by B9, Tue Mar-06-01 09:49 AM
Secondary English (and my spelling is horrible, hahahaha)

Teaching is the only thing that really appeals to me. My mom is a teacher, so I have had the bug in me for years. I am getting all the basic stuff knocked out right now, then going to go up to Chicago and take the school board up on that offer of tuition4work. Everybody keeps telling me that I dont want any part of the Chicago school district, but that just seems sad and condeming. Always up for something difficult.


"Famous quotations are for people who have nothing of their own to say, so be sure to use a lot of them. "-Lloyd Schumner Sr.

*unedited,unre-read,unspell checked to keep uncensored.

*is there a okay-bad spellers union? have i paid my dues to get in?