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16805, RE: Teachers on OKP?
Posted by guest, Tue Mar-06-01 07:46 AM
I'm an aspiring History professor/teacher/author/poet who wants to tackle some of the large issues in higher ed. Since I want to do a good deal of publishing, I don't think I'd be fair for me to teach at a high school, and be distracted by that. I'll probably do 2 years of high school, though. I already teach kids ages 3 to 19 at a performing arts program every summer... so I have a little experience near the front lines. I just think that our nation is in dire need of educational reform. I'm pretty pissed that Amerikkka is about to get a 22 trillion dollar tax cut when at least a quarter of that could go to improving education. With a surplus that large, there is no excuse for overcrouded schools, broke teachers, underfunded cirricula, outdated books (if there are any in some schools), and buildings in need of renovation. I just fear that a lot of schools that house our children may lose funding because they don't meet Bush's criteria (not that Texas schools while he was governor would meet the criteria he's about to make for schools nationwide. In terms of cirricula.... as a country we need to begin to acknowledge historical truths instead of teaching propoganda to house stereotypes. But that won't happen until our society and government are willing ot come clean, and I don't see that happening any time soon. When this nation decided to dumb down education, it was to ensure patriotism. It'll be Amerikkka's downfall. That's my piece.
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