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Topic subjectRE: The Original OkayTeacher Speaks!
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16801, RE: The Original OkayTeacher Speaks!
Posted by guest, Sat Mar-17-01 12:07 AM
>"3. Look at other avenues beyond
>teaching. People dont realize this
>but sometimes teaching
> can limit your influence
>on a student. Im going
>to be leaving teaching and
>going into school
> counseling because you have
>more control over your influence
>on a student."
>i think that was the most
>powerful thing that you said.

That's what I want to do! I think that the one on one relationship with a student is essential in education and I think a lot of school's overlook the value of counselors. Especially in cases where there are a lot of minority students who are intimidated by the authority a teacher has. A counselor might have a better chance at reaching out by getting to know the student in a less formal, non-classroom environment. And yes, teachers could get into so much trouble for "speaking trouble"