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Topic subjectThe Original OkayTeacher Speaks!
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16799, The Original OkayTeacher Speaks!
Posted by LmaniV, Tue Mar-06-01 07:12 AM
Been awhile since ive posted in My teacher self.
Some words of advice that I have learned over my years of teaching at the High School Level.

1. Understand the root of problems at the school you will work at. While many problems are similar, there are still many differences that exsit between the issues students have at each school. BUT I will say that the main problem students today face is not racism, gang violence, or divorce in the family. Its an understanding of self and focus. Students today have no agenda in whch they are fighting for.

2. Be a quiet activist. As a Black teacher they are already going to assume your going to come in and start some shit. Dont give them what they expect, doing it quietly and covertly and dont look for a pat on the back. You'll get more done.

3. Look at other avenues beyond teaching. People dont realize this but sometimes teaching can limit your influence on a student. Im going to be leaving teaching and going into school counseling because you have more control over your influence on a student.

4. Dont look for a pat on the back. Cause as soon as you do the knife will follow. Hard lesson to learn but I had more problems trying to be the "Union Guy" with the teachers my first two years then I have now when I dont talk to most of them. They kind of get afraid because they dont know what your thinking and they tend to leave you alone.

5. Dont kill yourself financially to teach. Like I said before, you can have just as much influence working outside the school system as you can in it. Sometimes more outside. If your in a job and want to do career counseling you can do that etc.

I can go on but I wont. But if you want some advice about teaching heres my cell # 201 965-8732