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16798, college-age teachers
Posted by emil, Tue Mar-06-01 07:00 AM
in my relatively limited experience, most young teachers are fresh outta college. they are doing it as a source of decent income with no benefits (being a long-term substitute can allow you to amass a small fortune). after that hell, they usually go back to school or do something, but may come back to it after they get more life experience, have kids, build a family, etc. that's what i plan to do.

it was just too much for me at that time, which was only last year. even in the following months, i've come to learn a lot and feel i'd be a better educator now. buuuut, i still dig a certain age group more, and teaching ain easy, and the pay sucks, and the rewards are great but life has a way of hittin nukas in the pockets and seein smiling faces ain necessarily paying to heat the spot at this juncture.

i will say that TEACHERS and FARMERS are the most underappreciated occupations in the country today. i aspire to do both, as well as many other things. that's the beauty of living in our society tho-the opportunity to do and excel at many different things. the options for multiple-occupations are really broad and i'm glad we have more choices. technology helps too.

i mean...i'm sayin tho.