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Topic subjectTeachin' = Learnin'
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16790, Teachin' = Learnin'
Posted by Vette, Mon Mar-05-01 05:37 PM
I am also an aspiring teacher. Currently, I am co-director of a high school outreach group here at school which targets Pilipino youth in the Long Beach/Carson area of Los Angeles. I am also holding down a job at the Center for the Study of Evaluation based of my school's Grad School of Ed. I am learning more and more that teaching or mentoring is much more than reading out of a book or telling the students what to do, but is really about validating a student's experience and their self-worth while in the process finding how they learn the best. It is also allowing yourself to break down the student-teacher/mentor hierarchy while attempting to get your message across. This is all a tentative balance.

Now for those who are actual teachers now, what are your thoughts?
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