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16780, well....
Posted by standard deviant, Mon Mar-05-01 06:28 PM
The physics class doesn't provide much room to spark anything political...but we do take time to note fundamental assumptions and other ways of knowing. I also require them to do a research paper on a non-european or female scientist in the first semester (since the text pretty much glosses over everything that isn't Newton).

The debate class is another story...ample opportunities there. I never indoctrinate. I try to provide a topic and stay out of it as much as possible occasionally guiding when the conversation needs it (or pointing out lies when they come up).

I don't get into any explicit trouble, but since I teach at a private (Episcopal) school, there is some tension. The most reprimand I've had is for providing a quote from Feynman (one of the greats of modern physics). We were talking about the role mathematics plays in physics, and the quote (delivered to seniors, mind you) was "mathematics is to physics what masturbation is to sex." The administration got pissed at that one.