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Topic subjectHow is a discussion propoganda?
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16776, How is a discussion propoganda?
Posted by thebigfunk, Mon Mar-05-01 05:21 PM
>That's because it is not the
>job of public schools to
>surface as places of proporganda.

How is a healthy discussion propoganda? It's one thing if a teacher says "This is how it is, and that's that." It's one thing if the teacher is trying to cram his/her political/religious opinions down a student's throat. But to spark a discussion about current events is suddenly propoganda? Please...

Remember, I mentioned AP... advanced placement. Classes that are (supposedly) college-level courses, intended to be run as a college class. I don't know about you, but several of my college courses were and are centered around discussion.

If one really wants to fight propoganda, we might want to take a look at what's being taught in history classes as fact, leading to blind patriotism based on a streak of falsehoods. I think that's a lot more dangerous than a teacher giving his/her opinion on a current event...

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