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Topic subjectRE: do you experience much opposition?
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16775, RE: do you experience much opposition?
Posted by Expertise, Mon Mar-05-01 05:08 PM
>In terms of dealing with kids,
>getting some truth out there,
>opening minds, do you experience
>much opposition?
>A high school teacher of mine,
>one who inspired me to
>teach, was always very open
>about his views, and would
>often spark discussion about current
>events, etc., and pose really
>thought-provoking (and often controversial)... but
>he also got into loads
>of trouble on several occasions.
> I'm thinking, "my god,
>these are AP high school
>students... they should be able
>to deal with a sophisticated
>discussion." Apparently, that's not
>an excuse to high school

That's because it is not the job of public schools to surface as places of proporganda.

A teacher's job is to dispense information based on the cirriculum of the school district, NOT to simply go in and tell kids what he/she feels is important for them to know. It's important that in the school a straight standard is kept so that we (the parents, public, etc) know what is being taught and told to children. When you don't do that, you go into a whole new level of charges as to what is appropriate for each individual child to be told and what not to be told. Guaranteed, when I am fortunate enuff to have children, and the first time I hear of a teacher testing the waters of indoctrination, I won't hesitate to yank my child right out of that school. It is my job to instill in the child values and opinions, not teachers.