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Topic subjectlowered expectations, maybe?
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15447, lowered expectations, maybe?
Posted by wbgirl, Tue May-01-01 12:31 PM
i'm sure someone's said this already.

even though "the media" (c) chris rock tells us that you can't do jack shit w/o a college degree, a lot of families still feel that the most important accomplishment in a kid's life is finishing high school. or staying alive long enough to finish high school. or finishing high school w/o becoming a parent.

i'm sure some parents use the "i didn't go to college and i turned out fine" routine. but i also think that if you want your kid to go to college, you gotta be ready to support them mentally and financially. yeah, you're paying my tuition, but if you're giving me the "i don't know why you think you need to go there anyway" line, i'm gonna be less motivated to finish...even if it's not my money at stake.

just sayin'.

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