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Topic subjectit's not for everyone
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15442, it's not for everyone
Posted by reefdogg, Tue May-01-01 09:55 AM
>In my
>opinion, if your not trying
>to do your own thing,
>you are adding on to
>the piss-poor state of black
>folks. What happened to
>taking a stand on how
>our dollars are being earned
>or how they are being

you really have to have the gumption to be able to start up an entrepenurial business .... while i do believe that we need more of these, especially in the black community, your opinion is pretty harsh. after all, do you really want every black person that goes to college to go that route, even if they wouldn't really want to ?

I am 22 years
>old and I am in
>better shape financially (including my
>brokerage accounts and investments) then
>every black 20, 30,
>40, 50, and 60 year
>old I know.

see this is where i get confused, because i can be in great financial shape (probably as you are) and not go the etrepenuer route ... am i an exception? is your goal to have black people be in that level of control (cause we all know how many etrepenural attempts go down the drain) or to have blacks in the best financial situation possible?

i'm all about balance

>It doesn't make
>since for someone to work
>for A's in high school
>and college only to get
>out and surrender all of
>your academic and financial asets
>to someone else for their
>gain and profit.

i have a friend that has just graduated with a masters in electrical engineering (as i will in 03 - only 2 more years!) that gets offers left and right ... many of my friends who have graduated from college aren't stuck into taken what's given to them; they have the power to demand what they want. and if a certain company can't give it to them, they have the ability to leave and go to another one, which makes the company all the more willing to work with the graduate.

i don't see it as surrendering academics cause this is what you use in your job (to me, college is more about teaching you how to think than what to think), and definitely not finances in all cases cause i'll be damned if i won't leave a company that i feel is not paying me what i think i'm worth

>doesn't make since to me
>at all. Although I
>never liked college.
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