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Topic subjectand yet another question is
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15427, and yet another question is
Posted by guest, Tue May-01-01 08:38 AM
why do alota the blacks that go to college turn around and forget who the fuck they were when they graduate and get that plush job job? They come round and look down on everybody who aint take the same rout as them. instead of lookin down, they should be an example, and take an active roll in helpin others get where they at...ol snobby ass cracka-niggas....dont scowl, yall know exactly wha da fucc im talkin bout......

Smoke one wit ya dawg...

oh, I resent that shit bout "THose people who get high every day, wont be here more than two years"

I know what ya talkin bout, but shiiiiiittttttt...if anything they will be there more than 4 years, but they gonna be there...
Im livin proof....proud of my 4 years and countin baby!!! I aint payin shit back for them loans till im done, and that aint nooooo timmmmmeeee soooonn.....luvin it.