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15423, RE: Money, Cash, hoes.....
Posted by DJ Oddysey, Tue May-01-01 08:48 PM
>Who is to blame for this
>ideology that many young blacks
>buy into? Why in
>institutions where growing intellectually is
>the main objective we're still
>thinking simplisticly?
Dawg.....if I had the answer I'd be rich and so would everyone else at my school, cuz I'd turn them around.
>White supremacy and racism were thrust
>upon us - we didn't
>invent them. We're just by-products
>of the worst aspects of
>them. Rebuilding the Black community
>will involve gaining control of
>our own education, economics, and
>law enforcement. -Chuck D "Rap,
>Race, and Reality"


"How can you fairly access something from the outside looking in?"

"How can you hate a man you barely even met?"

And ya'll think Jay-Z is wack?

"How can I repect you and you don't respect yourself"

True words from my man Cocktapus: "Some say nothing is impossible....but I do nothing everyday."