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Topic subjectNot so plain, but kinda simple....
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15406, Not so plain, but kinda simple....
Posted by guest, Tue May-01-01 08:25 AM
nope..wrong answer...anybody who truly "wants" to go to college, can go. maybe not to the college of their choice straight from the jump, but they can go.

The reason Black folk dont go to college is because they have been brainwashed and conditioned to think "its not for me". and the ones who get to college are thrust into a educational and social system that does not reflect anything they are familiar wit. rich white boyz drivin jags as freshmen, and you and ya dawg strugglin to find 50 cents for a damn philly blunt....dammmmnn....

also, the way schools pick who enters has changed..especially in florida wit Jeb Bush's florida one plan. (what the fuck kinda name is Jeb anyway? explain that? Ma dukes named his punk ass jeb) anywayz, the system is designed to keep minorities (including poor white trash) in blue collar positions..

simply put, somebody gotta fry the psuedo "chicken" at KFC..
and Jeb dont wanna do the shit...

besides niggas is satisfied wit a roof over their heads, a 40oz, a bag of weed, and the neighborhood chicken head to fuck.
its sad, but its true. wayyyy to complacent. We simply settle for less.

-Dobiewon K.