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Topic subjectRE: Why No Response?
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15402, RE: Why No Response?
Posted by Bombshell, Thu May-10-01 09:23 PM
I believe that your sexuality is NOT a choice. First of all, because who would CHOOSE to be ridiculed, mocked, threatened, and murdered? Secondly, if you are one of the people who believes that your sexuality is a choice; are you willing to say, that you could, in fact, choose to be the opposite? I'm saying, if you are a heterosexual who thinks you choose to be so, doesn't that mean you have to acknowledge that you can choose not to be so? So, at any point in your life, you could suddenly find yourself attracted to the same sex. I'm sure I will be under fire for making this comparison... but, here goes.

Saying you can choose your sexual preference is the equivalent to saying you can choose the color of your skin. Lets say your skin color was a choice back in 1940... "I choose to be black." Forget culture for a moment, forget all the wonderful things that it means to be black. Would you choose to be black over being white? Would you choose all of those horrible things like ridicule and oppression and degredation and defamation that come along with choosing that skin color? If you say "yes", then you have to be able to say that there might come a time when you want to say "no", and that was a viable possibility. You have to say, "I choose to be heterosexual right now, but hey, maybe I'll want to be homosexual in a couple of years" So... I'm sitting here upset because I know what I want to say, and I can't finish my damn argument. I'll just leave it at... Being heterosexual is in my being and my person, JUST like being black is.

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