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Topic subjectResponse (also to the Queen who thought no one would)
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15399, Response (also to the Queen who thought no one would)
Posted by Chike, Wed May-02-01 05:05 AM
>Who would "choose" (or at the
>very least risk) persecution? to
>be disowned by family? death
>at the hands of a
>drunk homophobe? social and emotional

I would agree that this is the strongest argument why homosexuality isn't a choice. Without getting into the genetic 'disease' thing, though, I don't think it's perfect. Gay people feel feelings that society doesn't like; before, they had to hide it more, now they can be more out in the open (no pun intended). How does that make them different from people who have tendencies, feelings that come from within, that society still condemns? Why would we offer treatment to pedophiles if they could simply choose not to feel the way they do as easy as "I think I'll be attracted to little girls today, but tomorrow I'll be cool"? (if it was like that, we would just jail 'em and forget about it). On the contrary, some people end up feeling things that are not healthy - maybe for innocent others, as in pedophilia, maybe for themselves and others like themselves...