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15398, ha!
Posted by LexM, Tue May-01-01 06:48 AM
>so, to those who are heterosexual,
>i'd ask:
>when did you choose to be

I didn't.

On a talk show I was watching awhile ago, an audience member stood and said, "Are you going to tell me that if God came down today and said, 'oops...everyone should really be dealing with the same sex,' that you'd be able to switch, just like that?"

The panelist tried to come off on some God's-always-right or I'd-just-switch-then type vibe, but the point had been made.

Who would "choose" (or at the very least risk) persecution? to be disowned by family? death at the hands of a drunk homophobe? social and emotional ostracism?

Maybe some need to believe that gay people adore suffering personally, professionally, and socially for loving who they love...

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