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Topic subjectRE: the 'choice' issue
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15395, RE: the 'choice' issue
Posted by guest, Wed May-02-01 02:57 AM
as i posted that i thought of something else:

in contemporary times i would say that it may even be considered "chic" to be gay in some circles. living where i do i feel like being a "lipstick lesbian" or "bi/ queen" is "in style.

in a day where a kiss between 2 women (ally mcbeal/ friends) is a BIG DEAL i go as far as saying that the so-called taboo is now hip. i see women pretending to be gay or bi ALL the time. kissing and dancing in the clubs and while walking around. these are women who shunned this a few years ago. are they "coming out"? maybe they are just in style like the latest sun glasses in a jay z song. it has to be addressed in the debate about choice.

where i live they don't get "persecuted". men FLOCK to them and by the bottles of whatever.

the gay men also seem EXTRA COOL all of a sudden. linked to the same thing. no woman is complete without her gay friend that she can hang out with. women in my city don't even has women as friends anymore. they only have gay male friends. they don't leave home without them like a new purse. so...

>I like the question posed here
>too. Very good.
>Choosing to be hated/persecuted by the
>majority of society is pretty
>much a choice that i
>dont think any logical person
>would make. Since its just
>like some "oh, i think
>i will be gay today."
>But..i dont think most will answer
>this, most likely they will
>just ask another question or
>ignore it.
>get ta yippidy & yappin about
>the mouf:
>*Open Your 3rd Eye*
>OkayPoets In the Heeezey :D

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