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15394, RE: the 'choice' issue
Posted by guest, Wed May-02-01 02:46 AM
i will play "advocate" and (yes) i will pose another question:

does anyone is society who has behaviors not deemed "social acceptable" or that may go against the norm actually "invite" the consequences of persecution? i don't think that folks wholeheartedly go into anything "happy" or "careless" about persecution.

my answer to the question is that i don't think that "persecution" is as widespread in this modern society. i think that culturally people are more indifferent to same sex relationships where as in the past there were serious efforts made to disguise one's sexual practice. nowadays it is NOT that big of a deal. don't get me wrong, i am not discounting the attrocities that anyone has to suffer. i just think that if you can transplant your self to a community where you don't "stand out" or don't have to be concerned about persecution the "risks" aren't so high anymore. i remember the example from the movie "boiler room" when the italian character told the gay character that he thought gays should be rounded up and point on an island. the gay character replied that new york was that island.

my point is unless you are living somewhere in nowhereville, usa making the choice to wear your sexual agenda on your sleeves is not that difficult to make before. the days of glory holes and dirty little secrets are gone. gay culture is everywhere you turn (will and grace, birdcage, george michael "coming out" and nobody cared, etc).

before this present day this may have been a difficult choice, but currently it is not that big of a deal. plus you can still be gay and not a sole know it.

so to answer the question of persecution, i don't think that the former risk exists anymore.

>I like the question posed here
>too. Very good.
>Choosing to be hated/persecuted by the
>majority of society is pretty
>much a choice that i
>dont think any logical person
>would make. Since its just
>like some "oh, i think
>i will be gay today."
>But..i dont think most will answer
>this, most likely they will
>just ask another question or
>ignore it.
>get ta yippidy & yappin about
>the mouf:
>*Open Your 3rd Eye*
>OkayPoets In the Heeezey :D