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Topic subjectRE: the 'choice' issue
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15392, RE: the 'choice' issue
Posted by guest, Mon Apr-30-01 04:56 PM
>having read the post and most
>of the responses, it seems
>that the main sticking point
>for those who are, for
>lack of a better word,
>against homosexuality is the 'choice'
>factor that they feel exists.
>so, to those who are heterosexual,
>i'd ask:
>when did you choose to be
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i'll play advocate and ask "when do bisexual people CHOOSE to be bisexual?" i think that they play a part in the debate or dialogue as well.

i actually don't have a real answer to Mosaic's questions as i venture that it just flows that way as society for the most part deters any "homosexual tendencies" or any thing considered feminine in boys at an early stage of childhood. there is a lot to be said of the ridicule that we receive as small children even doing something so "innocent" as playing with dolls or dressing up with older girs. there isn't much room to "experiment" with anything considered effeminate. the same is of girls as well. tom boys are looked down on after puberty hits in. most are shunned and chastized as lesbian.

so i don't know that we "choose" to be anything. you know after further thought you pose an interesting question. it is interesting as i can respond that i do have a definite attraction to a certain sex. i don't know if it is by "choice", but i do. i don't have any inclination towards another sex.

this is good. it will be interesting to see how your question is replied to by others...