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15390, RE: Here We Go
Posted by guest, Mon Apr-30-01 12:55 PM
>I understand what you're saying, but
>in my opinion the whole
>debate stems from religious beliefs.
> In my experience, religious
>beliefs are the reason why
>homosexuality has been condemned in
>the first place. The
>whole idea of procreation being
>the sole purpose for sex
>stems from religion. With
>the majority of society being
>religious in some way, that
>has had a huge impact
>on what is viewed as
>right or wrong. Thus
>being the reason why so
>many people believe homosexuality is

i don't know about that so much. "rely ons" play a major role in the debate, but there is also that whole "super male" thing as well. i would venture to say that most homophobics are males. this is just because of the male dominated society that we live in and what our definition of "manliness" is. women seem to not have that fear of themselves in that sexual capacity. homophobia directly results in gay bashing and this is a way of men trying to prove masculinity. they lash out and form opinions about something that truly has no affect on their personal life, but to abhor it gives a feeling of power...i don't know. maybe i got off track again.

most of the condemnation and bashing comes from males though it also has to do with "rely ons" it is also important to note that women tend to be more tolerant in that regards. is it because they are less threatened by sexuality (at least in the sense of same sex relationships)?