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15389, RE: Here We Go
Posted by C_RA, Sun Apr-29-01 06:48 PM

>Honestly, I don't know if you
>can religious beliefs in such
>a debate. As soon as
>you put God/Allah/The Creator in
>a debate, beliefs seems to
>dominate rather than reason. I'm
>glad that you do have
>such religious beliefs (and I
>have my own set of
>spiritual beliefs), but I think
>that once religion is put
>into a debate, then arguments
>like "It's in the BIBLE"
>or "GOD said so" start
>coming in, and that's too
>vague of an answer.

I understand what you're saying, but in my opinion the whole debate stems from religious beliefs. In my experience, religious beliefs are the reason why homosexuality has been condemned in the first place. The whole idea of procreation being the sole purpose for sex stems from religion. With the majority of society being religious in some way, that has had a huge impact on what is viewed as right or wrong. Thus being the reason why so many people believe homosexuality is wrong.