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15388, RE: Here We Go
Posted by RexLongfellow, Sun Apr-29-01 06:27 PM
I do have the opinion that
>homosexuality can be a deviation
>from the sexual "norm".
>I say this as I
>pose the question of where
>bisexuality comes into all of
>the debate?
That's a good question, there seems to be no explanation for bisexuality.

>I do believe that the arguments
>used to condemn homosexuality can
>be used to condemn oral
>sex, anal sex, masturbation, etc.
> even between heterosexuals (as
>all of these things are
>not about procreation).
That makes a whole lot of sense. Other forms of sex aren't for reproduction, rather they are for pleasure of oneself and/or partner(s). Thus, other forms of sex should also be deemed as "unnatural"

>I do believe that judging any
>of these actions on a
>spiritual level is for no
>man/ woman to do.
>I think we make or
>accept our own life positions
>and accept until the day
>comes when the "answers" are
>revealed. This is a
>point that I am making
>to not open the flood
>gates and invite justification of
>murder and the like as
>I don't see the fair
>comparison there either.
>in the most base form all
>of our spiritual or "rely
>ones" teach us to love
>and accept our neighbor.
>the creator is the only
Honestly, I don't know if you can religious beliefs in such a debate. As soon as you put God/Allah/The Creator in a debate, beliefs seems to dominate rather than reason. I'm glad that you do have such religious beliefs (and I have my own set of spiritual beliefs), but I think that once religion is put into a debate, then arguments like "It's in the BIBLE" or "GOD said so" start coming in, and that's too vague of an answer.

>I do believe that society DOES
>set the standard for right
>and wrong. I do
>believe that it is wildly
>accepted that any act involving
>children is not accepted.
I agree, society does determine whether certain lifestyles are "wrong" or "unacceptable"

>I think it is unfair to
>assume all homosexuals to have
>tendencies towards pedophilia.
It is unfair, bottom line is that it's moreso untrue than unfair. Pedophilia isn't limited to the homosexual population