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15387, RE: Here We Go
Posted by guest, Sun Apr-29-01 11:23 AM

this is an interesting post. it is actually intelligent dialogue and I am pleased to see that none of what I have read has appeared to be "personal attacks". that is a great thing.

I will say the following:

bestiality and pedophilia in my opinion are VERY UNFAIR comparisons to homosexuality. it isn't really a question of natural or unnatural. someone stated before that it is rare that the participants are fully consenting. I think that point is worth stating again.

I do have the opinion that homosexuality can be a deviation from the sexual "norm". I say this as I pose the question of where bisexuality comes into all of the debate?

I do believe that a "possibility" exists that it is an inclination "internally". I also believe it to be cultural/ social byproduct.

I do believe that the arguments used to condemn homosexuality can be used to condemn oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, etc. even between heterosexuals (as all of these things are not about procreation).

I do believe that judging any of these actions on a spiritual level is for no man/ woman to do. I think we make or accept our own life positions and accept until the day comes when the "answers" are revealed. This is a point that I am making to not open the flood gates and invite justification of murder and the like as I don't see the fair comparison there either.

in the most base form all of our spiritual or "rely ones" teach us to love and accept our neighbor. the creator is the only judge.

I do believe that society DOES set the standard for right and wrong. I do believe that it is wildly accepted that any act involving children is not accepted.

I think it is unfair to assume all homosexuals to have tendencies towards pedophilia.

zoophilia involves animals that surely have no desire to engage in sex acts with humans. it is clearly against their will (with the exception of dogs and females-no joke intended there. i have just male dogs do things like that).

so do what you do/ live and let live and see what comes of it all. bless you all.....