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Topic subjectRE: Why No Response?
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15383, RE: Why No Response?
Posted by guest, Sun Apr-29-01 12:39 PM
the way i see it is that you may draw a line as it applies to your own life and what you chose to teach to yours, but in the "Christian" sense of it all you have to accept and love your family which is the family of God...that means all of us. gay or straight (i think those are funny words).

i do think that the original argument is getting lost though. i wouldn't compare the sexual deviance of homosexuality to zoophilia. i would condur that if you are attracted to a physical form of the basis of gender the attraction is obviously related to sex which simply makes it (drum roll) sexual deviation.

if a man likes a man's body and a woman a woman's body she/ he likes the same "sex". right or wrong is not for me to say. i just say do your thang...