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Topic subjectRE: Why No Response?
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15380, RE: Why No Response?
Posted by feetsadiq, Sun Apr-29-01 10:30 AM
An opinion is fine...the problem is where the opinion goes...especially if one believes that because of a persons (person being adult male or female) particular attractions they will be damned or are wrong...this "open disscussion" on homosexuality is really just justification for another ism...hide behind freud if you want...your mind cant accept something so you deem it "wrong"...Im not gay so I know damn well I can say whay "homosexuality" really is...I do know that deeming something "wrong" or "different" has been a code word for oppression for a long time...Im with Nettrice, love everbody no matter, you dont judge when it comes down to it so why play God here.