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15375, interesting topic....
Posted by C_RA, Fri Apr-27-01 06:56 PM
>Is incest wrong?
If you believe in Adam and Eve then I guess it's not. I'm not one to judge right or wrong because really, who knows? Personally, it's not something that I would do. I don't see the resoning behind it.

>Is it a personal choice?
Yes, people do what they want to do.

>Is it natural?
If I knew your definition of natural, I could answer that. It has been proven that children born of incest have an increased number of birth defects. Basically, that's stagnation of the gene pool. The closer you are genetically, the more likely you are to pass on defects. Natral...unnatural?..I don't know.

>If yes (to all 3 questions),
>thank you for your time.
>If no (to any)...
>How is homosexuality different?
A homosexual relationship between family members is incest. However, a homosexual relationship between two unrelated people doesn't have anything to do with incest. It's not even comparable.

>How is it different in a
>way that makes incest wrong/unnatural,
>but homosexuality OK?
Homosexuality doesn't cause birth defects...it doesn't produce children at all. Like I said before, I can't define right or wrong/natural or unnatural. It just seems that incest has more cons than pros.

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