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Topic subjectRE: if it was a proven disease
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15374, RE: if it was a proven disease
Posted by guest, Tue May-01-01 06:38 AM
i know now that there is MAJOR medical debate about giving those kids that ridlin (SP?). they are seriously considering the possibility that they may not be deficient. i know in school that some of the kids that had ADS were found to be "gifted". it just became a question of a way to bring out characteristics or functions of their inability to operate in a "normal" classroom situation.

it goes on. in some circles a lot of the mental health thinking is being re-examined. (whole new topic).

talk to you later.

>I guess it would have to
>be a mental disease. I
>kinda see your point about
>not being able to reproduce
>not necessarily being an illness.
>Taking that into consideration, the
>second argument I made(about health
>consequence) is not as strong
>I didn't no hyper active kids
>were no longer considered an
>illness. So how is it
>classified now? I knew a
>kid who had to take
>pills for that shit when
>I was growing up.
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