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Topic subjectRE: if it was a proven disease
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15372, RE: if it was a proven disease
Posted by guest, Mon Apr-30-01 05:07 PM
>it would make this discussion interesting...maybe
>we'd arguing whether to allow
>gay people to keep having
>gay sex or prevent them
>from having sex and giving
>them forced treatment.
>gayness might be genetic. but then
>aren't some diseases heridtary anyway?

are we considering it to be a mental or physical illness? that answer allows the question to be probed more. as a mental illness it could be argued that it shouldn't be treated in regards to how we currently medically define most mental illnesses anyway. the accessment seems to be pretty broad. some things that we considered illnesses in some circles are not considered that by everyone else. also our defintions change over a time. ex: hyper children used to be considered mentally ill.

as a physical illness i don't personally know that the inability to reproduce should constitute an illness as it applies to the human race. ex: worker bees don't reproduce. they serve a particular purpose in the hive. they don't have an "illness". it may be stetching, but my point is to say that not being able to reproduce should not count as an illness.