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Topic subjectif it was a proven disease
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15371, if it was a proven disease
Posted by dafriquan, Mon Apr-30-01 04:18 PM
it would make this discussion interesting...maybe we'd arguing whether to allow gay people to keep having gay sex or prevent them from having sex and giving them forced treatment.
gayness might be genetic. but then aren't some diseases heridtary anyway?
i'm just reaching here...but the thing is even we did find the "gay" gene and a way to "treat" it, i don't think the gay community would take kindly to the issue. Finding out that your lifestyle is a disease could be quite a shocking revelation.
Just for clarification if I recall correctly, the argument for "gayness" as a disease goes something like this:

"Chemical imbalances in the brain can cause a man to compulsively wash his hands 40 times a day or to become schitzophrenic. In either case, a mixture of psychology and medicine are used to treat it or at least curb its worse mainfestations. What if being gay could be similarly treated?"

These are not the exact words but I thought about this and I have no way of strongly refuting the logic. At fist I thought this argument implies that maybe we can arbitrarily throw the disease label at a lot of things. and then I thought if something was perfectly normal(a good majority of the population)
then it would not have to be treated in the first place.
My second argument was that homosexuality could not be a disease because diseases usually have an underlying health consequence or effect on the body. But homosexuality is harmless, right?
Possibly...but one could argue (like chillin above) that the consequence of homosexuality is the inability to reproduce naturally. Reproduction is part of the human life cycle.

Besides the obvious, "But that's just ridiculous", is there a clear cut way to refute this logic or should we at least entertain the possibility?

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