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Topic subjectexcellent discussion!
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15369, excellent discussion!
Posted by dafriquan, Thu Apr-26-01 09:59 AM
I like when people can argue intellectually and logically. Chike raised an important point about where we draw the line...all the counter-arguments were equally good.
To each his own. I once read a post that maybe being gay is a disease since afterall we are prepared to treat alot of "disorders" as diseases. i'm not sure what to think about that but at least it's a line of thought worth pursing. if you're gay it may be hard to do that cause the issue is too close to home.
i don't really have much to contribute but I just wanted to say that they are alot of intelligent people in this post.
What people do is their own business, I have a right to be disgusted by it(hence I can't watch Oz) but i know i don't have the right to actively persecute them.
there is only one judge....well actually there's also "the law". and "the law" in united states does not make it illegal. in some other countries it actually is illegal.
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