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15367, RE: Stop Judging
Posted by standard deviant, Fri Apr-27-01 06:06 PM
>Did you ever notice that the
>other things homophobia is compared
>with tend to be undisputedly
>based on something you're born
>with? As in, apartheid
>didn't punish those who CHOSE
>to be black.

How do you know people don't CHOOSE to be black?
Because it is something genetic.
Why are you convinced homosexuality is different? (before we get into the specifics of blackness, imagine any trait, dominant or recessive or traits that skip generations, whatever you like...someone who didn't KNOW the genetics of it might have a tendency to say there is NO order to it, or may even ascribe it to choice. And of course, there my be some mixture...where it wasn't before, cancer is now understood to be genetic, but is also environmentally controlled. The point is that there isn't a good reason to believe there is a simple answer to it...and if there is no simple answer, there is no simple judgement without concideration)

If you ask someone when they chose to be heterosexual/homosexual, they will look at you with the same gaze as if you ask them when they chose to be <insert trait>

In fact, lets consider left-handedness. At one time, this was a frightening disorder that crippled many American children...parents and teachers tried to beat this abberation out of their kids. Oooops! (now, do you want to catch yourself saying the same thing if/when you find out the same thing applies to homosexuality?)

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