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Topic subjectRE: Stop Judging
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15365, RE: Stop Judging
Posted by Chike, Fri Apr-27-01 02:08 PM
>The same people who judge homosexuals
>are in league with people
>who judge me because I
>am a woman or because
>my skin is brown.
>These people are all part
>of the same "family" or
>group. They are not

Is it really that simple? What if people judged you because you were sexually promiscuous? You might feel they were nosy or hypocritical, but would you compare it with racism or sexism? I guess this whole discussion comes down to whether or not homosexuality is an intricate part of who you are as a human being - i.e., are you born with it?

Controversial question.

Did you ever notice that the other things homophobia is compared with tend to be undisputedly based on something you're born with? As in, apartheid didn't punish those who CHOSE to be black.

Just some food for thought... (not tryin to hate)