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15357, RE: question 4 original poster
Posted by QweenFiyah, Fri Apr-27-01 04:55 PM

>I disagree. My inquiry searches
>for the opinions of people
>like you. YOU tell
>me what you feel is
>natural and whether both gayness
>and incest fit it.
>By replying with the above
>quote, you're simply missing the

The fact that youre evn comparig incest and homosexualty boggles me ..as i said before. How you can put the 2 in the same boat is scary. So, this may be why you believ that I am missing the point.

People like me?
WHat exactly is the description of "people like me" (I would like to hear this one).

Also, because i make the point of telling you in fact that what you will find natural will not be what others find natural does not make me an participant in incest or homosexuality.

Everyone is not like you or I or the next person.
Remember that we were burned and lynched because we werent looked at as natural beings?

get ta yippidy & yappin about the mouf:
*Open Your 3rd Eye*