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Posted by abduhu, Thu Apr-26-01 08:32 AM
Before I go on, let me
>say I appreciate your posts...and
>I was intrigued by how
>hermaphrodites fit into islam.

youre welcome or as we say up in da mosque: 'afwaan

>Is what is natural to you
>or your people natural to
>me and mine?


yes, if you mean it on a inherent humanistic level.
no, if you mean it on a "thinking" level.

>sure you can hear the
>chants of UNIVERSALIZING coming :).
> Who does homosexuality harm?

it detracts from society by not being able to create society. and to break it down even more, it most certainly isnt "natural" to get semen implanted for the purpose of creating society. so you are back to square 1. no society=no one to be hetro/homo

> Is it bad for
>someone's health?

diseases and possibly physical problems from things being placed in places that were not meant to have things placed in them.

>Does it
>lead to death?

that disease that the cure have not been found yet that are life-threatening.

>>the key words are: follow their
>>NATURAL inclinations.
>>not FOLLOW their desires.
>Do you and yours draw that
>line, or do they?

the line was drawn from day1conception.
but individuals have the tendency of adding/subtracting to that line.

>What is the difference between
>a natural inclination and a

food-natural inclination
this is the best one. for real, how many times have we thought to ourself "man, im hungry than a muuug" (bamma talk, that is) "gee, i sure am hungry" (carlton banks style), and immedaitely after you realize this reality: "what am i going to eat".

intercourse-natural inclination (after puberty, for all comedians)
oral sex-desire

learning-natural inclination
degree in psychology-desire

speaking-natural inclination

to be a person-natural inclination
to be what-desire

note: some desires go hand and hand w/ natural inclination, and some oppose them totally.

>>hence you have: rape, murder, incest,
>>drunkeness, liars, politicians, highness, bigotry,
>>fornication, adultery, homosexuality, etc......
>>is anybody born w/ any of
>>these qualities?
>I can't speak for anyone but
>myself...but I'd say I have
>most of those "qualities"...whether they
>manifest themselves or not.

but were you born w/ them?
ex: lies-no child tells a lie until necessary to keep from gettin that ass-woopin, which usually still comes because they dont lie to well. we get better at lying when we get older, why is that? hmm...

>I personally CHOOSE not to
>rape, murder, be drunken, lie,
>get high, be a bigot,
>fornicate, or be an adulterer.
>be heterosexual...that is part of
>my being.
>Since the prior group IS something
>I CHOOSE to do, does
>that make it unnatural by
>the previous definition? (that question
>is to everyone)

by definition, since you choose NOT TO DO THEM, it is unnatural.

ok, i think i got it:
the natural thing to do is to stiffle it.
the unnatural thing is to let it subsist.
how you stiffle it is natural (provided you are a normal person who knows what to do when food is put into your mouth).
what you stiffle it w/ is a choice.

did i get it this time?:)

Allah says in the 2nd surah, Al-Baqarah(The Cow) 2.25: But give glad tidings to those who believe and work righteousness, that their portion is Gardens, beneath which rivers flow. Every time they are fed with fruits therefrom, they say: "Why, this is what we were fed with before," for they are given things in similitude; and they have therein companions pure (and holy); and they abide therein (for ever).

subhaanakallahumma wabihamdika ashhadu anla ilaha illa anta astaghfiruka wa attuubu ilaika