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Posted by standard deviant, Thu Apr-26-01 07:17 AM
Before I go on, let me say I appreciate your posts...and I was intrigued by how hermaphrodites fit into islam. Thanks.

Is what is natural to you or your people natural to me and mine? I'm sure you can hear the chants of UNIVERSALIZING coming :). Who does homosexuality harm? Is it bad for someone's health? Does it lead to death?

>the key words are: follow their
>NATURAL inclinations.
>not FOLLOW their desires.

Do you and yours draw that line, or do they? What is the difference between a natural inclination and a desire?

>hence you have: rape, murder, incest,
>drunkeness, liars, politicians, highness, bigotry,
>fornication, adultery, homosexuality, etc......
>is anybody born w/ any of
>these qualities?

I can't speak for anyone but myself...but I'd say I have most of those "qualities"...whether they manifest themselves or not. I personally CHOOSE not to rape, murder, be drunken, lie, get high, be a bigot, fornicate, or be an adulterer. I DON'T CHOOSE to be heterosexual...that is part of my being.

Since the prior group IS something I CHOOSE to do, does that make it unnatural by the previous definition? (that question is to everyone)

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