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15338, uh huh...
Posted by LexM, Wed Apr-25-01 02:38 AM
(forgive me...it's early)

>Refer yourself to my response to
>standard deviant - "They are
>acting on a mutual attraction..."
>applies to the type of
>situation I'm talking about; one
>w/o the complications of pedophilia
>and other acts that most
>gays do not condone.


>With that in mind, your
>objection boils down to the
>first 2 sentences of the
>quote above. So if
>they didn't grow up together,
>it would be OK?

not necessarily. I mean, granted, you fall in love with who you fall in love with, but depending on the society you grew up in, if you happen to fall in love w/ your (first) cousin (unknowingly, let's say), generally when the information comes out, that attraction takes a backseat to the family ties and the relationship dissolves.

Still, in this country, when you hear of incest, it almost always occurs within the boundaries of pedophilic (sp?) behavior. That's the connotation I've come to draw from the word itself. Hell, American cousins have been kissing--so to speak--for generations, up until the last hundred years or so, in fact. But when I hear "incest," that implies "child molestation."

>Of course, by "ties", you
>probably also mean genetic ones.
> Doesn't genetics also point
>to heterosexuality - no penis+vagina=no
>baby - ?

BIOLOGY points to that, yes. But saying that homo or heterosexuality is genetic is something I don't really feel equipped to discuss. Do I think homosexuality (or any sexuality) is a choice? No. But that's my personal opinion. No, two gay men or women can't have children. But what's that have to do w/ their sexuality?

>relationships are not all about
>genetics, obviously, but should it
>or should it not have
>some bearing on who we
>choose to have a romantic
>relationship with?

Yes and no. If you have two people--unrelated or not--that have a high chance of having a child with some sort of genetic defect, you have to deal intelligently with that situation. Does that have anything to do with gay people? I can't see why it would. Again, I don't see the basis for comparison there.

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