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Topic subjectRE: Why No Response?
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15337, RE: Why No Response?
Posted by Chike, Tue Apr-24-01 01:38 PM
>There are no ties binding these
>two people outside their own
>relationship. They didn't grow up
>together, share parents or a
>family. They are acting on
>a mutual attraction at a
>point of sexual maturity. Most
>cases of incest are a
>child/adolescent being taken advantage of
>by an older, more experienced
>adult figure.
>Just doesn't seem like a fair
>comparison to me.

Refer yourself to my response to standard deviant - "They are acting on a mutual attraction..." applies to the type of situation I'm talking about; one w/o the complications of pedophilia and other acts that most gays do not condone. With that in mind, your objection boils down to the first 2 sentences of the quote above. So if they didn't grow up together, it would be OK? Of course, by "ties", you probably also mean genetic ones. Doesn't genetics also point to heterosexuality - no penis+vagina=no baby - ? Human relationships are not all about genetics, obviously, but should it or should it not have some bearing on who we choose to have a romantic relationship with?