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Topic subjectRE: Why No Response?
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15336, RE: Why No Response?
Posted by LexM, Mon Apr-23-01 07:06 AM
>What about incest? As acceptance of
>homosexuality as natural increases, I
>always wonder, will the day
>come when people say "If
>I want to have sex
>with my sister, that's my
>personal choice. What I do
>in the bedroom is nobody's

I doubt it...There are certain societal mores that dictate the "proper" relationship between siblings, parents & children, etc. Apples and oranges. Two consenting adults who were strangers before developing a sexual relationship is completely different from a parent/child or two cousins or siblings crossing that line.

>Is incest wrong?

I hesitate to say it's "right" or "wrong", but w/out getting into all that, I'll say yes.

>Is it a personal choice?

what do you mean by "choice"? Yes, some people "choose" to do that, but when you KNOW a woman is your sister and you have a desire to sleep with her, that's indicative of some other, deeper problem.

>Is it natural?

"natural" is becoming a loaded word...but short answer, no

>How is homosexuality different?

As stated, two consenting, adults w/ no family ties.

>How is it different in a
>way that makes incest wrong/unnatural,
>but homosexuality OK?

There are no ties binding these two people outside their own relationship. They didn't grow up together, share parents or a family. They are acting on a mutual attraction at a point of sexual maturity. Most cases of incest are a child/adolescent being taken advantage of by an older, more experienced adult figure.

Just doesn't seem like a fair comparison to me.

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