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Topic subjectRE: Why No Response?
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15326, RE: Why No Response?
Posted by standard deviant, Sat Apr-21-01 07:16 AM
>Is incest wrong?

depends...how close is the relationship, the age, etc. Most people are probably sickened by it...but that isn't the standard for right or wrong. Maybe we'll find something in your next questions...

>Is it a personal choice?

again, depends. Most incestual relationships involve such a large age difference that it would suffer the same "power issues" problem that your pedophilia example does (in fact, many incestual relationships border on pedophilia).

>Is it natural?

Well...what are you calling natural? At some point in your history, there HAD to be incestual relationships (that whole small population -> large population thing). Other members of the animal kingdom have incestual relationships.

Now to the important stuff:

>How is homosexuality different?
>How is it different in a
>way that makes incest wrong/unnatural,
>but homosexuality OK?

I think the largest issue is that homosexuality doesn't present the problem of genetically fucked up kids. That is good enough for me. If you want more, let me know.