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Posted by Baron, Fri May-11-01 04:28 PM
>>There's a lot of Arabs around
>>where I live, and if
>>you asked what race they
>>were most would say that
>>they're white. They are
>>always quick to make black
>>jokes even though a lot
>>of them listen to rap
>>music like Tupac. That's
>>another thing I can't stand,
>>people of other races talking
>>shit about black people but
>>then copy us by mimicking
>>our fashion styles and listening
>>to our music and such.
>You mean like when blacks talk
>about whitey-this and whitey-that then
>go out and fiend after
>the newest Nikes and Tommy

Or it's like when whites and non-whites alike talk about nigger this and nigger that, then go and listen to Tupac or some Cash Money record that they own. And it's like how whites stole rock and roll some 40 or 50 sumthin' years ago, and now they all believe that they invented it. If we actually had enough people rich enough to have their own shoe companies and more clothing brands and such, they wouldn't have to flock to Nike and Tommy. But also, too many flock for everything that's a big namebrand product instead of supporting things made by their own people. If blacks can get more people into the shoe industry and such, and get others to stop following all of the mass commercialism, then we'll start to support each other more.

>> But when some white
>>people let them know that
>>they don't like them, they
>>either yell racism or have
>>nothing to say back at
>>all. To me, a
>>lot of these other minorities
>>are nothing more than whites
>>without the European descent, or
>>white wannabes who are trying
>>their best to assimilate into
>>this white supremacist society.
>Maybe your a little frustrated at
>their success as a non-white

No, for the most part the Arabs only own corner stores and gas stations. And they don't have to pay taxes as long as they keep bringing in someone new every seven years from Iraq. I don't like that fact that they and others put their corner stores in black neighborhoods and are willing to take black money, but love to to talk shit about blacks once they get back home or around their people. I don't care if another non-white group is successful, I'm sick of them and whites taking advantage of blacks and ridiculing our race at the same time.

>>They have gotten used to
>>the media always portraying blacks
>>as bad and therefore find
>>it easy pick on us
>>and talk about us always
>>complaining while they do the
>>exact same things we do
>>when confronted with the same
>They say the first word an
>immigrant learns when he steps
>off the boat is "nigger."

They are right.

> I think a lot
>of new immigrants think they
>have to be racist to
>be a true "American."
>>The black community needs to try
>>working together as whole and
>>actually start supporting one another
>>so that other minorities can't
>>open up their businesses in
>>our communities and taking our
>>money without giving anything back.
>For how long is that going
>to be discussed?
>Meanwhile ten new Korean groceries just
>opened up down the street.

Ooohhh, I'm sorry for actually caring about my community. Maybe to your white ass everything is individual and you really shouldn't care about everyone else around you. That's how many whites think because they came from the majority race in this country and it's easier for them to turn their lives around with loans and such than it is for blacks so they have no need to help one another, whether you want to believe that or not. But for blacks who have been discriminated and ridiculed against as a whole, some of us actually feel a common bond with one another and actually want to see the race as a whole move forward, not just a very small percentage of us.

>> But for that to
>>happen we need to get
>>rid of a lot of
>>the self hate and bickering
>>between different factions of our
>>community to start making huge
>>strides forward again.
>No, each individual just needs to
>save and invest.

Maybe this is nothing more than an individuality issue to you, but if a black person becomes successful and opens a business in his neighborhood, he will more than likely want to give back to the community and help others to make it. Maybe not all the time, but there is more of a chance he'll feel more connected to the people he's doing business with and want to help them, than some Korean who just opens a store in a black neighborhood and follows every black customer that walks in there.