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Topic subjectOhhhhhh nooooooo!
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15319, Ohhhhhh nooooooo!
Posted by guest, Fri May-11-01 01:26 PM
>yo, i feel ya on that
>one. I knew this indian
>cat who chilled wit black
>folk and swore he was
>a no limit soldier. but
>then he started to "assimilate"
>because he felt trapped between
>black and white social shit.
>so now he all preped
>up and lookin goofy and

He went preppy!!!!????? What a disaster. You can't be seen with that, right player.

>thoroughly confused. and during
>his assimilation I would be
>on the verge of smakin
>him for sayin all types
>of ill shit. type of
>shit you can tell he
>picked up from chillin wit
>da white boyz.

Sounds like the dude is confused, what does this have to do with the price of tea in China?

>but when I met him, he
>swore he was black.go figure.

And you believed him?


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